Festival of Quilts Inspiration

Spirograph in colour Quilt

We recently exhibited at The Festival of Quilts where we were selling our weaving kits & variety yarn hanks. As well as using these shows as an opportunity to promote our kits and hanks we love looking around the other stands and exhibits to get inspiration for future weaving projects.

As seen by the Rio Olympics inspiration is very important to keep people pushing the boundaries and we love doing these shows as we always come back bursting with ideas.

Geometric quilt

There were a large selection of competition quilts on display with themes ranging from The Seaside, The Bronte Sisters, Traditional quilts to Art Quilts  and all manner of quilts in between. Whilst quilts are all about stitching pieces of fabric together colour, shape and texture all play there part and examining these elements provides great inspiration for both weaving and other textile art projects.

Traditional quilt

As well as the quilts there were lots of textile artists demonstrating their work and techniques and there was a riot of colours textures and ideas to see and be inspired by. Pulling together all these different elements can create new and wonderful ideas that inspire further creative works.

Colourful Quilt

Following all this inspiration and with our love of textiles with a touch of mixed media we have come up with some ideas for a new product which we hope to launch shortly and we hope it will inspire you to be creative. Keep watching for more details.